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AGE OUT LOUD: Mr. Vito Valdez

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Mr. Vito Valdez

Studio Instructor at Detroit Institute of Arts
and frequent contributor to Ellen Kayrod Gallery
Vito Valdez has been an artist since he was a teenager producing commercial signs. He first exhibited his work while serving in the U.S. Army during the Vietnam conflict and then went on to attend the Center for Creative Studies where he focused on painting. He began showing internationally while living in Montreal and then through an artist residency in Brussels. Vito returned to Detroit in 1995 to teach and work on community public art projects in Southwest Detroit and at the U.S./Canadian border.

Since 1999, Vito has taught Hannan seniors in the Community Arts program at the Detroit Institute of Arts. He says, “this community partnership still continues and has enriched my life – becoming a senior myself in the process!” When asked what he enjoys most about partnering with Hannan he noted it is the opportunity to learn alongside his students, “sharing stories of life while creatively enjoying the art of making – hands, mind and heart!”

What does it mean to Age Out Loud to Vito? He shares that staying alert, active, and having fun is being alive, all while being engaged in positive change for the common good, society in general, family, community, and planet.

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