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A juried exhibit featuring artwork by the Detroit Society of Women Painters and Sculptors

12 X 12 – DFAB

Installation by the Detroit Fine Arts Breakfast Club of 12 X 12 art pieces that were created in the style of each artist but meant to displayed together as a uniform work of art displaying solidarity in the Detroit arts community

Round Midnight – Photography by Ralph Jones

Ralph Jones has been experimenting with the photographic process since the age of 10. In 2017, after concluding a 30-year career in the auto industry, he renewed his passion for photography. While traveling abroad he discovered the perception of Detroit, his hometown, was quite different than his personal experiences. For the last few years, he has been documenting Detroit in an attempt to inspire appreciation and understanding of the uniqueness of Detroit, her buildings, and her people. As a result of this documentation he has set about developing a second career as a photographer, editor, publisher, exhibiting artist, and educator.


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First Place Winner (Juried)

Walter Bailey, Women at the Well of Creation,  Acrylic Fusion Art

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Second Place Winner (Juried)

Anita Gibbs, At Last After Quarantine, Acrylic on Canvas

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Third Place Winner (Juried)

Victoria Hart, Hope, Acrylic on Canvas

Established in 1994, the Ellen Kayrod Gallery hosts diverse older adult artists, professional and amateur, as well as multigenerational groups in exhibits throughout the year. An integral part of the Midtown arts community, the gallery provides a venue for older artists and the community to come together for artistic exploration and discovery.

Artist that have recently shown in the gallery include B.B. Winslow, Tom Parish, Peter Daniel Bernal, and Vito Valdez.

Artists may submit exhibition proposals, participate in open call exhibitions, or be invited to exhibit.

For more information, contact Richard Reeves, Jr., Director of Arts and Culture, at 313.833.1300 ext. 25.

Renovations are complete and the expanded Kayrod Gallery is now open! By appointment,  Monday – Friday,  10am – 3pm, 313-833-1300